12 Song Quotes for Dance/Fitness Teachers! 

Music moves you from your soul. I love listening to music and applying songs to my life. Music can help you through a tough day, a hard break-up, or even help you describe your profession.

These are my favorite Top 12 songs/quotes for Fitness and Dance Instructors.



“I’m still alive but I’m barely breathing”

Am I right? You know when you teach back to back classes with a plastered-on smile and then finally finish and can grab a bite to eat and sit the hell down!


11. J. COLE

I’m Coming Home

“Let the rain wash away all the pain of yesterday”

DOMS has set in and you just can’t see yourself doing any exercise today… oh shit… 10 minutes until I teach!



Wake me up

“All this time I was finding myself And I didn’t know I was lost”

Students come to your classes because you offer them knowledge that they want, but any veteran instructor knows that the teaching process is symbiotic – our students help us learn about ourselves and teach us a thing or two in the process.



A Little Too Much

“Though everyone said that she was so strong, What they didn’t know is that she could barely carry on,”

Somedays we just have to “Suck it up” and put on our kick ass teacher smile and get through the day. Our students don’t know that our kid just through a fit for the childcare workers, our laundry is overflowing because we got sidetracked creating choreography, and that besides the latest YouTube kid’s show, our ears hear nothing more than the songs we do in class!




“I live for this, it isn’t just a hobby like that.”

Ever get this when asked what you do?

“Oh you’re a fitness(dance) instructor—- is that like a side thing?”

You know you want to say, “Bitch please – it’s a lifestyle.”

This industry can get the stigma as not being a “real job” or that it’s just a hobby- but we know we change people’s lives and when changing lives is your profession that shit takes dedication, love, time, and passion!

Shake It Off

“Shake it off”
We use teaching and dancing as a way to literally shake things off. When we get into instructor mode it’s all life’s problems are gone for that one happy hour of bliss and fun. You are lucky I didn’t quote Frozen and make #5 be “Let it go” – I wouldn’t do that to you – I know you have heard that damn song in 20 different languages in your car.


“I can tell that you been practicing”

If we are not teaching, we are practicing our choreography and if we are not practicing our choreography, we are practicing our cues in the car while running errands, seriously you know how I can tell you have been practicing…. Because you do it every damn where!



All In My Head (Flex) (feat. Fetty Wap)

“It’s all in my head”

Tell me why we can remember 27 choreography tracks (with cues) but I can’t remember someone’s phone number? It’s like our brain knows what’s important in life…. Knowing your choreo – duh!


“Why do you put me on a pedestal?”

Like we are not human, right? Like WTF why can I not eat some ice-cream and pizza without someone saying… “Aren’t you in the fitness industry?” Unsure, why people think that just because you teach or coach fitness it automatically means you are supposed to eat kale salads and drink essential oil water all day long.



Take Your Time

“And I’m sure one of your friends is about to come over here ‘Cause she’s supposed to save you from random guys that talk too much and wanna stay too long”

You know the guys… yeah the guy in the muscle tee that thinks just because you smile and say hi that you want to all of a sudden have his baby. It’s your job to be friendly – why don’t they get that? I mean, if a Walmart employee says Hi and waves, I don’t think they want to hook up – geez!




“Baby I’ma be your motivation, Go, go, go, go, motivation,Go, go, go, go”
Getting your students to finish those last few jumping jacks or air squats is tough, not to mention, motivating them to return to your class after a hiatus. There are so many roles and responsibilities as an instructor but being your student’s personal motivator and cheerleader is probably the most difficult.



Sell Yourself

“You need to sell yourself, don’t be a fool….Sell yourself, Sell yourself”

No matter what you teach or where you teach – your students come to your class because of YOU! That is a HUGE responsibility (and stressful sometimes)

You are selling yourself as the product people will buy; so just like any other product on the market it must be of real value, and must constantly be developed, updated, and marketed.

Can you relate to these songs? 

What songs would you add?

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