Why I don’t always give 100% at the gym

If you ever see me at the gym and I’m not “Killing my workout” its probably because I’m there for another reason.
Moms will resonate with #1

Seriously, a gym can be more than a place to burn calories and get gains… well at least it is for me.
Don’t get me wrong, I love exercising and getting the endorphins pumping, letting DOM’s set in, and getting sweaty – but somedays I’m simply not there for a kick-ass workout.

So why go to the gym if you are not there to exercise 100% ? 

1. To get “kid free” time. Sometimes we just want to be able to not have a little human asking for a damn snack, or asking if I will “watch them” a trillion times (and that is not an exaggeration) So yes, I go to the gym to get away from my kids for an hour or so and maybe spend a few “kid-free” minutes checking social media.

2. To get “re inspired” – We all fall prey to the progress plateau and we need to get a swift kick in the rear. The gym is a place where you can see other people working hard, crushing their goals and it lights that flame again for you. I love watching people, some I don’t even know, make progress over months and months of seeing them at the gym. Side note: It doesn’t hurt to tell them you have seen a change either.

3. To be around positive people. The people I have met at the gym “gym buddies” are positive people that motivate and encourage me. While we don’t go on lunch dates, or “hang-out” these women are always uplifting and positive towards me and I know a quick conversation can change my whole day around. These ladies might not realize the role they play in my life, but somedays our simple discussions on life, how to use an Apple Watch, or commiserating over a difficult workout keep me from “throwing n the towel.”

4. To listen to what I want to listen to. Traveling with kids all the time I mostly listen to pop music and DanTDM on YouTube, so the gym is where I get to listen to all the inappropriate jams without feeling like a terrible parent. It’s like sending the kid’s to bed so you can watch shows with curse words. I also enjoy listening to inspirational and educational podcasts, and at the gym I don’t have to listen to two whinny kids say, “this is boring.”

5. To not work. Nowadays its so easy to work 24/7. At the gym is usually the only place I don’t check my email, work on research or find better ways to improve my business or family. I’m there for me. My mind gets to wander, and when the world is silent I actually can become fully present in my life. Ironically, this is when I am most creative and come up with the best ideas

So there it is folks – I’m not always at the gym to burn 500 calories and smash a “Leg Day.” Sometimes I’m there to enjoy the present, be uplifted, and listen to some good of fashion rap.

What other reasons besides actually exercising do you go to the gym?

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