The Challenge of Choreography & 5 Tips to Make it Easier

Learning, memorizing, practicing and retaining choreography is one of the biggest challenges fitness instructors face.
Here are some easy and extremely implementable tips to help with the #choreostruggle.
  • As a dance teacher I have always taught using fun, descriptive words. This is not only for young kids, it works well when teaching combinations to adults or memorizing choreography prior to teaching! When you put fun words to choreography your brain remembers them better. Click HERE for a video example.
  • Listen to your music at the gym, in your car, and other places that you have downtime. I don’t physically practice while I’m driving obviously, but I do practice my fun words and cues which makes it so much easier when I get actual time to practice, because the brain work is already done.


  • Know the song ahead of time. If it is an unfamiliar song to you, listen to it several times so you know where the chorus and bridge are and find key words and beats to help you once the choreography is put to it.


  • Write the choreography down in blocked sections so you can see the patterns. Studies show that writing things down helps with memorization. I do not write in complete sentences when I “jot down” choreography. I write simple words and key phrases so if I get stuck I can refer to my notes and it brings my brain back on board.


  • Practice teaching out loud even if you are by yourself. Most of the time I am in my studio or in my living room dancing, cueing, and singing my fun phases. When you love what you do and it’s fun it shouldn’t be a chore. Just like I tell my dance students, practice how you will perform.
I love the fitness industry but learning countless tracks of choreography became tiresome and overwhelming. One of the things I love about being a dance teacher is being able to teach a dance and then forget it, I call this trash choreography. You get to use it and then lose it (in your mind that is). My students know they are going to have a fresh and fun class each week and it is actually easier on me as an instructor.
One of the reasons I created the Booty Fitness Workout is so instructors do not have to teach 10-12 tracks and memorize all those tracks each class. At a maximum you teach 2 cardio tracks and 1 actual dance track (where you get to pause the music and teach actually choreography…. you know 5-6-7-8).
My students are raving about how fresh and innovative the class is and they still burn 350-500 calories per class. Mix in the group games, mindset activities, accountability and other exercises and you have an hour long class that gets everyone pumped. The biggest benefit…. you, as the instructor, are not killing your body or your brain energy.

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