Bring out your Inner Vixen

Burlesque has been a word used since the 17th century. Many think burlesque and stripping are the same; however, while the primary attraction of burlesque was sex,  it was in the form of lewd humor and immodestly dressed women. Check out these great photos from: A Brief But Stunning Visual History Of Burlesque In The 1950s.

What makes Burlesque different from a ” striptease” is its historical roots. A classy, yet sensual theatrical performance done with tongue in cheek humor and a wink and a kiss.

So why take a Burlesque Dance Class?

Taking a Burlesque class allows you to work on your posture and flexibility, strengthen your booty, core and calves as well as improve hip and shoulder mobility, balance and coordination.

Burlesque is an amazing experience for any woman who is sick and tired of being told what fit and attractive is supposed to look like. In Burlesque you get to bring out your inner vixen in a safe environment.

So how is Burlesque Booty different?

While Burlesque Booty can burn fat & sculpt a sexy body the calorie burn and fat loss is not the best part!

The truth is, there are far better fat burning workouts available but with out Burlesque Booty class you will get:

a massive self esteem boost
a huge dose of body confidence
laughs, smiles, friendships
a feeling of female empowerment that is missing from many workouts for women

This class is a great addition to your regular workout or use it as a way to so feel good you start making healthier choices daily.

Unlike other fitness classes, Burlesque Booty promotes self acceptance at your current size and age!


So if you are ready for some satire, comedy, laughing, and a little bump and grind join a Burlesque Booty Class today!

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