Meal Replacements

🔈I want to make sure I am perfectly clear on my stance on meal replacements.🔈

I believe real food is king👑, or queen,😜. However, I do believe that sometimes we need a break, a cleanse, a reset to jump-start us back to “good behavior” with food.

I admit, I am an emotional eater– while we work on why we have this behavior we sometimes just need a program or a simple guideline that allows us to get results and feel good…. fast and with some help.

I am in no way ✖️advocating a shake or bar for life program. I believe that real food is always best. However, have you ever been caught at the airport, caught out running errands and just need SOMETHING!?!?!?

In this instance it’s great to have a product that you can eat or drink that is not full of a bunch of crap. I mean processed food is never the best choice… ever… but we can’t let perfect be the enemy of good.

In a society where gas station donuts 🍩and McDonald’s meals 🍟make it convenient for people to get a quick meal, I will say a protein bar 🍫or shake 🥛that is free from artificial ingredients is a choice I would recommend instead.

Now, if you have thought ahead and prepped your 🥒veggies, chicken 🍗and sweet🍠potatoes – that is optimal!!!!!!

So should you do a shake cleanse?

That’s up to you. What is your emotional reason for doing it? Do you want to lose weight quick and then return to your poor eating? Or do you need a catalyst to get you on the right track for a healthy lifestyle.

Should you drink a shake daily?

I think shakes are great convenience foods. I would prefer to intermittent fast or have a good egg 🍳 and bacon 🥓 breakfast, maybe with some avocado 🥑– but that is not always the case in the morning, so some days I may have a shake.

Lately, I feel like some in the wellness industry have been sitting on the high horse🐎shaming people for not being able to prep a week’s worth of chicken, exercise 7 days a week💪🏻 and live a 💯 percent organic life.

I have been in the wellness industry for over 7 years and will be the first to admit I’m not perfect and it has been a long trial and error process.

Sometimes your kiddo wants a bowl of damn cereal, right? – I just try to find a cereal that fits my food beliefs. I try to find the best cereal with the least amount of ingredients and doesn’t have chemicals and additives on my “never budge” list. We don’t have a made to order, sit down at the table family breakfast every morning. 🙌 Praise to you if you do- but we just don’t

So what’s my point?

You have to decide what you are willing to budge on and what you are not (I do have a list based on research that I will not allow in my family’s diet)

You have to decide if you should eat the donuts 🍩 while you are out or maybe a shake that has a little sugar in it (OMG the nerve-right?)

I’m so over people pushing their 100% perfect lifestyle… seriously we have so much more to be concerned with in our life.

So here’s to all the moms, dads, athletes and just regular damn people out there who just want to start down the road of a healthier lifestyle – don’t be overwhelmed, don’t jump in head first – just start making small changes – even if it includes a protein bar and a shake (free of chemicals of course)


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