3 Tips to Save Money When Going Gluten Free


Have you been curious about going gluten-free but nervous about it busting your wallet? It’s National Gluten-Free Day today  #nationalglutenfreeday so here are three tips to save money when going gluten free:


1. Shop for fresh meat, vegetables and fruits – a majority of the perceived cost of going gluten-free comes from the boxed “gluten free” products. Most of the time these items are not anymore nutritious for you but they can add another $2-$3 because they are “gluten-free”. The goal of going gluten free is to improve your digestive health, reduce inflammation, and eat more nutritionally dense foods. So skip the gluten free packaged cookies and candies on a weekly basis. 

2. Save your scraps – when using good quality meat like air chilled chicken, save the bones and freeze them to use in a bone broth. Save leftover vegetables and freeze them to add to a stock or goulash later in the week. Gluten Free Bread crust left over? Save it and freeze it to use in a meatloaf. If you can’t finish a glass of wine or have only a small amount of tomato sauce left, freeze it in an ice-cube tray. These little cubes of leftovers add flavor to stews, stocks and dinner dishes.

3. Make a Refrigerator Meal once a week –  Go through your refrigerator and look for things that are almost expired, leftovers, condiments that are almost out and use them to make a goulash, soup, or a bake. You will be surprised how many times your family’s favorite meal is the Refrigerator Meal! No two refrigerator meals taste the same either.


Try one or all of these tips today, to stay healthy without breaking the bank!


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