What is a Boutique Fitness Studio?

The term Boutique Fitness is becoming more and more popular… but what does it mean? What is a Boutique Fitness Studio?

Boutique fitness is usually held in a small studio or gym (800 – 3500 square feet) and focuses on group exercise and/or specializes in one or two fitness areas. One of the most interesting aspects of boutique studios is their premium price tag. A one hour class ranges from $20-$40 dollars per class.


Why do people love boutiques?


In all honesty, what makes a person spend $20-$40 dollars a class really depends upon the individual. But Booty Fitness women will tell you… it’s all about the experience and the people!

Imagine going to a class that incorporates fun exercises, social games, cardio blasting dances, mindset education, a private support group, exciting monthly themes, and gives you gifts. Now also picture being surrounded by energetic people in a social atmosphere where people know you, care for you, and are there to keep you accountable to yourself. Close your eyes and see the class being  led by an enthusiastic instructor, hear the loud motivating music, and visualize enjoying yourself for an hour in a unique blend of laughter, intensity, and camaraderie.

Booty Fitness is  “like hanging with the girls” — it’s not just about burning calories and working out; it’s about the experience and lifestyle.

Booty Fitness, like most Boutique Fitness experiences, is intimate, fun, and provides a sense of euphoria you carry with you the rest of the week. The difference is, Booty Fitness recognizes that we must fix our minds if we want to fix our bodies.

Booty Fitness Instructors (coined Booty Bosses) have a background in either dance or fitness, but get specifically trained in mindset.


I want to take a Booty Fitness Class!


Booty Fitness classes are offered monthly and each class is only allotted 10-20 slots based on their location. Classes are for women 18 years and older. Each month a fun new theme is offered. The dances, the activities, the dress-up (not mandatory) and the mindset education all revolve around the monthly theme, so if you see a theme you like you better catch it fast because the next month will bring a new theme.

Once you sign up, you become a Booty Babe and are sent an email to join the Booty Babe Private Facebook Group. Here, women from all classes share and support one another. Pictures are posted, videos are shared and a community vibe is instilled.

Get ready to have an awesome experience at your first class. Meet new women, share your wins, burn some calories, change your mindset, dance, and ultimately –  let loose.


I want to open one!


Opening a Boutique Fitness studio is not cheap. An article in the Associated Press mentioned costs can be as little as $30,000, but can quickly soar to $500,000.

This is where Booty Fitness makes it easier. You can use the space you already have as a business owner. Booty Fitness is a great addition to any stable boutique studio like yoga, Pilates, cycle, dance, or a private gym. Booty Fitness offers a unique class that utilizes the space you already have, uses equipment you already own, and monetizes your current clientele, as well as, opens the door to a whole new market to tap into to.



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