3 Things You Need To STOP doing right NOW!

We all have fantastic days and then we have some days where it takes every ounce of our body and mind to get us to class. There will be days when you are on fire and kicking butt in class, and then there are days where you can’t remember choreography, or cues, or your mind just simply “is not in the game.”

We are human. We are allowed to have good days and bad days. However, these three things are never okay and there is no excuse for them. SO, if you are doing any of these… make it your goal to STOP!


  1. Starring at yourself in the mirror – I get it, you like to see how you look – but while a quick glance is fine, a constant hair flip, butt glance, and lipstick check  is obnoxious and narcissistic. The people in your class could care less about your booty gains and how your shirt makes your delts look big. They are there for a workout and the attention and energy should be placed on them. Seriously, regulate yourself. Next time you teach a class keep this in mind!
  2. Trying to get to third base on the first date – Okay, obviously I’m not talking about dating but I have seen this time and time again in dance and fitness classes that I have personally attended. I walk in and the instructor says, ” Okay, are we ready to get started?” Ummm, wow a little forward aren’t we? I don’t even know your name or what the plans are for the class and I’m just suppose to trust what you are going to tell me to do for a whole hour. I understand we have a time frame to work within, but your students need to know, like and trust you if they are going to spend more time with you. Stop trying to jump into teaching when the clock strikes the top of the hour and spend a few minutes “dating” your class. Introduce yourself, look for new participants and ask their names, tell them what they can look forward to during the class and then get into the workout.
  3. Wardrobe faux pas – This might make some instructors upset but from a student’s point of view it makes sense. I am not getting on a soap box and saying you can’t look cute (I actually think you should wear nice clothes and have your hair and make-up done – but that’s a different blog). I am referring to poor fitting clothes that reveal things that should not be revealed. I will always remember my Jr. High dance teacher because she would always wear these running shorts and during stretches it was like, “OMG, is all that seriously out for all of us to see?” It was disturbing and I don’t want that for you! Keep in mind the movements that you will be doing and what style of clothes would be the best fitting for that class. Will you be doing straddles? Will you be going upside down? Are you jumping a lot? All of these can cause a major wardrobe faux pas if you don’t think ahead. T & A are the biggest issues instructors have keeping to themselves.

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