About Us

Booty Fitness is the first workout program of its kind!

We believe that wellness is more than just weight loss and muscles – it’s about confidence, friendship, happiness, and owning yourself and your decisions!

With mindset education, confidence, and happiness at the core of our curriculum — combined with fun monthly themes – we offer a social workout filled with games, workouts, dancing, and mindset challenges for  women 18 years+ of all abilities levels.


After teaching dance for 18 years and being heavily involved in the health and wellness industry, Stephanie realized their was something missing. Something  that the cookie- cutter gyms and “dance exercise” classes were not providing. Most women were missing confidence, accountability, and mindset education, in addition to actual physical activity.

Gone were the days of dancing, strutting and taking care of yourself, because the mom-bod and mind had taken over.

Stephanie decided to start a new type of fitness program to provide more than just a “workout” for these ladies. A one-hour a week break from life to just be a woman and not a mother, wife, or time-card puncher.

“I’m flawed, I’m real and I’m not here to change you; I’m here to reveal you”



Stephanie Beveridge

CEO & Head Booty Boss