Booty Story

Booty Fitness is the first workout program of its kind!

We believe that wellness is more than just weight loss and muscles – it’s about confidence, friendship, happiness, and owning yourself and your decisions!

Our instructors are passionate about empowering women to value themselves and fall in love with who they are. We teach women to let go of perfectionism, control, and finally kick their inner critic out of their life!

With mindset education, confidence, and happiness at the core of our curriculum — combined with fun monthly themes – we offer a social workout filled with gamification workouts, dancing, and mindset challenges for  women 18 years+ of all abilities levels.


After teaching dance for 18 years and being heavily involved in the health and wellness industry, I realized there was something missing.

While teaching and taking group fitness classes I noticed women would gather after class and talk. And it was never about fitness or how to get bigger triceps or anything like that.

It was all about life. About work. About overcoming challenges like kids, fatigue, stress, dating and marriage.

And I realized that I didn’t just want to help women lose weight or get more toned or any of that (though that was fun) – I wanted to help them grow on the inside.  That’s when I started to experiment with a completely different kind of curriculum.

I called it Booty Fitness and designed it for women who refuse to work out if it’s not fun. They get to feel like they’re going to girl’s night but instead of margaritas, they  get the best workout of their life – both for their body and their mind.

And THAT’s how the women we serve get everything they REALLY want – everything that they think they’re going to have when they get skinny. Except we’re helping them get it right now. And it is the BEST feeling in the world.

“I’m flawed, I’m real and I’m not here to change you; I’m here to reveal you”



Stephanie Beveridge

CEO & Head Booty Boss