Anchor Values

Lately, I have been keeping to myself. Not because I’m busy but because I’m working on not being busy.

During some self reflection time I realized that I had made several goals that are extraneous or superficial. In full disclosure, they were goals that my aspirational self made, not really me (see the video on aspirational self HERE)

So I listed out my core values and decided on five things I wanted in life.

In order to get the things I want in life I didn’t need another to do list, I needed a To Don’t list. I looked at all the aspirational self goals I made and crossed off all the goals that did not seem essential to my core values.

Things like “I should buy outfits instead of wearing  leggings all the time” DID NOT make my list!

So here are my non -negotiables, my must haves, my goals, my values that will keep me grounded and fulfilled.


  1. An active relationship with God
  2. A harmonious home
  3. Financial freedom
  4. Holistic Wellness
  5. Shoshin (or a beginner’s mind)

Through some research, I found that these type of goals have been deemed “anchors” because anchors provide stability and security. Armed with this list I explored each anchor and identified tasks, goals, and action steps that could move me closer to being more in flow with my anchors.


Some examples would be:

  • An active relationship with God would include praying, reading scripture, attending church.
  • Holistic wellness would include things like exercise, eating for nutrition, self care, and cultivating positive relationships.


These have become my new goals in life. So this morning, I didn’t feel like driving to the gym but I knew I needed to fulfill my anchor goal of holistic wellness. So I forced myself to get up and use an exercise app to accomplish my goal. I also love my Anchor essential oil. A dap on my wrists brought me the amazing aroma of Lavender,  Cedarwood,  Frankincense,  Cinnamon bark,  Sandalwood,  Black Pepper,  and Patchouli every time I passed though downward dog during my yoga practice.

Here’s the thing, you have to have the desire to change and then force yourself to take the steps to do so. In the words of Mel Robbins, “It’s simple, but it’s not easy.”

Using my anchor values along with my Anchor oil this morning allowed me to feel completeness,  calmness, and courage. It created a steady foundation from which I was able to move forward into my day.




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