Become an Instructor

We recruit and train our instructors differently than most group fitness programs do, it’s more like an audition for a “lead role” because the Booty Boss role is vital to the Booty Fitness experience.

Our Booty Bosses are inspirational coaches who train their Booty Babes to be more empowered in their workouts and in their lives.

Booty Fitness classes are unique and localized based on the Booty Boss giving the experience. Booty Bosses are edutainers, they not only know their stuff but they are entertaining superstars as well.

We count on Booty Bosses to teach the Booty Fitness Mission, Vision, and Values while adding their own personality, flare, and expertise.

We hire for attitude and aptitude and we can teach you the rest!

Watch this short video to determine if becoming a BOOTY BOSS is the right fit for you!