Offer Booty Fitness

I am so excited to share with you something I think you’ll love!

An extra $700+ in revenue every month!


Don’t you want some extra zeros in your bottom line each month?


  • You don’t need anymore responsibilities as a studio owner
  • You don’t have time to create a new program
  • Not to mention extra time to create & market a new program
  • You are paying for studio space that is being unused
  • Plus you’ve tried offering adult classes… and they just don’t work. Adults seem to never commit and you can’t count on them.

Booty Fitness allows smart, passionate studio and club owners to amplify their business by executing a program that drives results, using their own equipment and space. We deliver state-of-the-art training, marketing materials, and curriculum to licensees, opening the door for increased enrollment and satisfied customers. Booty Fitness provides a value to studio and club owners that not only cultivates empowerment and mindset changes within their business, but also instills confidence and mindset changes in each woman that becomes a BOOTY BABE.



The Training:

Can’t imagine coaching Booty Fitness? No worries – we have you covered. Our online Booty Basecamp offers training models and you will be working closely with Stephanie, the creator of  the Booty Fitness Workout!. Teaching videos, regular training and video trainings, as well as printable materials to use while coaching are all available to our members. Need more training? We offer additional onsite, customization training opportunities, as well.

The Curriculum:

Our out-of-the-booty box curriculum provides everything you need to run a successful Booty Fitness Program in your facility. The Booty Fitness blueprint is a highly developed, intentional program that was created by dance instructors, health coaches, choreographers, mindset experts, social media gurus, leadership development experts, and fitness aficionados. With Booty Fitness you use can start with your current clients, space and equipment and execute a ready to go program that changes monthly so it’s never the same class twice.

The Support:

We will do everything in our power to see you succeed, because when you succeed, we succeed. Our support team will personally walk you through the setup process and will be there for even your smallest need. We offer our members personalized, 1 on 1 support to meet their schedules, as well as monthly video training. Out team utilizes multiple platforms to provide support including Facebook, email, phone, video chats, infographics, copy and paste messaging, and more. Additionally, you can leverage the power of our Booty Babe and Booty Boss Facebook groups, for crowd sourcing of ideas. You are never alone with Booty Fitness

  1. What is this whole Booty thing?

Booty Fitness is a once a week workout for ladies so they can gain confidence, make friends, and avoid losing their sanity! With mindset education, confidence, and happiness at the core of our curriculum — combined with fun monthly themes – we offer a workout filled with games, workouts, dancing, and mindset education for  women 18 years+ of all abilities levels.

  1. Why do I care?

You’re dedicated to fitness, personal development, and helping others…why not spread your positive impact further by reaching your hand down to pull up other women. You already have their kids in classes or maybe they take a yoga or zumba class – why not offer them something that coaches them from the inside out?

  1. What do I need?

If you’re a dance or fitness studio – nothing. We are designed to work in your space, with the equipment and staff you already have. Not a dance of fitness facility? No problem. We will do a special assessment to determine what you need!

  1. I’m nervous about making the investment.

First, props to you for caring enough about  your business to be concerned about it’s financial success. The good news is we also care about the financial success of your business. We will do everything in our power to see you succeed. Now let’s talk return on investment – you only need 1 class of 16 Babes to see a return on your money. That’s it. Period.

  1. When can I start?

We can get you rolling in 30 days — or less. So, get started now to begin gathering a wait list (yup, a wait list! We’ll even help.) while we get everything set up for launch. Start your journey today!


If you want to learn more about bringing Booty Fitness to your area we will be happy to contact you! Fill out the below form and we will be in contact!

Attract Entertain


Where am I going to host it?  Anywhere that you have space and preferably privacy

How many women per class?  Depending on your space up to 20 per class. We feel that more than 20 per class can disrupt the bonding aspect. Our sweet spot is 16.

How do people pay for it if I don’t have a website?  We have a payment model we use and would be happy to share with you.

What if no one signs up? Oh, but what if they do!

How much does it cost to sign up to be an instructor? I don’t know yet

Can I open my own as a franchise? If so how much is it? We do not offer franchises only memberships

Do I pay you a commission based off of participants? No.

What if I want a guy to participate? This is for women 18 and older

Will you help me with dances?  Absolutely

How do I offer free childcare if I don’t have a childcare room? You do not have to offer free childcare, depending on your location and what your facility has to offer

What is your ROI per class? Depends on what you pay the instructor

Does the gift affect your bottom line?  The gift is our gratitude offering to our amazing booty babes. We do not see it as affecting our bottom line, we view it as a way of giving back for the abundance our booty babes bring us.

How do I advertise if I don’t use Facebook? There are several ways, although most of the marketing training will be facebook based.

Do you have to be over 18?  Yes.

No one in my town wants to spend money on this do I get them to sign up?

 You are selling an outcome. Your client is a women who is looking to become more confident, put in the work, up-level her life and accept life’s challenges with gratitude and grace – that is not everyone. Booty Babes invest in themselves (or at least want to start investing in themselves). Booty babes are doing yoga, Pilates, cycle, and/or are part of a book club or more. This is a class in addition to what they already do. This is a class that will up-level their fitness, mind and life. This is not for your run of the mill mom trying to get a FREE 2- day group fitness class pass – just sayin.
How much does licensing cost?

Booty Fitness is priced so that only one class a week pays for your monthly membership. Some studios are looking for training, space planning, or equipment so your initial investment cost can vary depending on your needs. we can help you find your best option.

What equipment do I need?

Our curriculum is based around a basic studio room with little to no equipment. You will need a radio, a few pieces of fitness equipment, and some months you may need to purchase small props.

How quickly can I get started?

We can work on your timeline here! The average is about 6-8 weeks.. How long it takes is completely up to you!

Does your program include lesson plans?

YES!!! We not only give you ideas but give you a monthly launch book to pull ideas from, a spotify playlist, a booty blueprint worksheet to walk you through setting up your class, and more. There are set themes and lots of exercises and dances to choose from but flexibility is encouraged to allow you and your coaches to get creative!

Is Booty Fitness insurable?


Do I have to sign a contract?

Yes. Although, we’ve found that nobody likes to be locked into long term contracts. You pay for the program as long as you choose to use it, month by month.