Journey to 5K

Today I am proud of myself.

For a lot of reasons.

1) I am proud that I am proud of myself – In the past I would not acknowledge small victories.

2) I am proud that I set a goal for myself and actually followed through. In the past, setting goals that seemed small compared to what others were doing would seem pointless and unworthy (come to find out that is a cop out. That is a surefire way to allow defeat to creep in. It’s a shitty excuse to NOT TAKE MASSIVE ACTION)

3) I am proud I accomplished a goal that was difficult, uncomfortable, and hard FOR ME. I knew in the minds of others it would seem insignificant, so me posting and sharing about it is another proud moment. In the past I would worry about people thinking how lame it was that I made a big deal out of a simple 5K – but now I realize my personal victory is MINE, not theirs, and I will not let anyone take that away from me.

4) I am proud for: Exposing my weakness, being vulnerable, showing my low points, and knowing 100% that I will fail and not be the best. These ego and pride driven feelings have kept me from doing so much in the past. NOT TODAY!

5) I’m proud that I tracked the last 10 weeks of my journey…. why??? Because I wanted to prove to myself that:

It’s okay to suck and show others that you suck at shit too.

It’s okay to not come in first: sometimes it’s not even about being first!

It’s okay to ask for help from others who are better.

It’s okay to be good at some things and not at others.

The words I live by have been put into action today! I know, and preach, that failing and being uncomfortable is what produces growth—- but I  never REALLY put it to the test with something I absolutely DESPISE – RUNNING!
So in this 14 minute video I expose my weakness. I show you my struggle. I am 100% honest.

Yes, what I accomplished today many do 10x that everyday and probably before breakfast… but this is not about other people and what I can do compared to them. This was about what made me uncomfortable – this was about my personal victory over vulnerability, failure, and fear- and DAMN RIGHT -I own my awesomeness today!





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