Less Hustle, More Grace

💁‍♀️Wow, she works out two hours a day!

💁‍♀️She makes Pinterest treats for her school parties.

💁‍♀️She volunteers daily at the school

💁‍♀️She can leave the house after having a baby a month ago.

💁‍♀️She runs two businesses and manages to straighten her hair and dress-up everyday

💁‍♀️She goes on monthly vacations with her husband

Ever said any of these? 🤔

🙋‍♀️ I have

These are crappy stories we tell ourselves to stay in our sucky cycle. 🤢

Here is my truth: ✝️

I am not them, they are not me. My story is not theirs, their story is not mine.

I believe that we each have been placed here on earth to share our gifts with other people.

These gifts that God blessed us with cannot be used unless you STAY you. The husband you have is not her husband, the kids you have are not her kids, your past is not her past, and your future is not her future.

I had to reevaluate my hustle. That was gut wrenching, vulnerable, and eye opening .

God gave me a gift, but instead of allowing him to write my story, I looked around at everyone else, grabbed HIS pen and said,

“ I got this.”

I get it. I have the same amount of hours as Mother Teresa, Beyoncé, and many other amazing women- but I AM NOT THEM.  Instead of trying to be them- I will be me.

  • That means saying no to working 24/7
  • That means expecting less perfection
  • That means not having every second of the day planned
  • That means not texting and emailing people back immediately


That means me reading, enjoying coffee with my husband, playing with my kids, laughing with my family, and spending this beautiful life God gave us on the things that really count!

I know that GRACE can take me places that HUSTLING can’t. I know that GOD has the pen and is writing my story. My job is to simply embrace every moment HE writes in my chapters.

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