Side Hustle Jobs for Fitness/Dance Instructors

Are you are looking for ways to bring in more money doing what you already love?  Keep reading for my TOP 5 ways to get your Side-Hustle on!


Side Hustle #1 Fitness Instructor

Become a fitness instructor (if you are a dance teacher) or take up another fitness format if you are currently a fitness instructor. A fitness instructor pays anywhere from $8 to $35 an hour, and often it comes with a free or discounted gym membership. Since we all know dance instructor’s schedules can be crazy, having the ability to work a second job that often lets you create your own schedule is a major plus.

Teaching Pilates, Gyrotonic, yoga, barre classes, Booty Fitness, or Zumba would be a great place for educated dance and fitness professionals to start.

Cost to start:

There are many levels and styles of each method of fitness instruction; however, you can plan on a minimum of $300 to start your fitness instructor side hustle


Side Hustle #2 Private Lessons:

If you enjoy working with people one-on-one, consider doing personal training or private lessons. Instructors that teach private lessons can make anywhere from $25-$50 or more an hour. An added benefit, is that you can work your private lessons around your current teaching schedule – BONUS! Fitness instructors and dance teachers alike could also offer private lessons to amateur instructors that may need some extra coaching and/or assistance. Coaching other instructors can often be done at your house or in a small studio space.

Cost to start:

If you don’t have access to studio space, you may have to spend some money renting out an area to hold your lessons.

 Side Hustle #3 Affiliate Marketer

Do you have products you absolutely love? Consider marketing those products within your network. According to Neil Patel the “idea behind affiliate marketing is that you promote other people’s products, often through an affiliate network, earning a commission if people actually end up buying, thanks to your marketing.”

Cost to start:

You have to spend money to make money, right? Well, depending on how much energy you want to put into affiliate marketing will determine how much the start-up cost will be. Will you get a website? Email List? Outsourcing and photo costs? Read more on Affiliate Marketing

Side Hustle #4 Network Marketing

DoTERRA, Isagenix, Beachbody, Vemma, Herbalife, etc.  If you can dream it up, there is a network marketing company out there. Network marketing companies that sell health and wellness products often work well as a side hustle for fitness and dance professionals. Be advised, pick a company that you can “stand behind.” You must first be a product of the product. You must use and believe in the product if you are going to honestly share it with others.

Just like in any industry, there are good companies and bad companies. There are good representatives and there are bad representative. Be sure to do your research and know your scope of practice and education prior to jumping into any company.

Cost to start:

Conservatively, you could plan on spending at least $150 to get sample products and business materials that are needed to share and educate others.

Side Hustle #5 Instagram Marketing

According to Forbes, If you already have a sizable Instagram following, or a knack for getting followers, you could be approached by major brands, gear companies, and other relevant businesses with products and services your audience may be interested in. Take 25-year-old Liz Eswein for example, who charges a fee to brands for taking the photos she posts on her account @NewYorkCity, and an additional $1 per like on top of that. Not bad, considering most of her photos get well over 20,000 likes.

Cost to start:

The cost of your time. You would need to reach out to major brands, as well as, spend time learning how to use Instagram for marketing.

A side hustle, no matter what it is, requires time and dedication. There are no overnight successes and you certainly will not “get rich quick.” Starting out your side hustle slowly and with great attention can certainly allow you to pull anywhere from an extra $100 – $1000+ a month.


Do you have a great side hustle job? Share it with us!




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