What is HILIT?


High Intensity means you are getting your heart rate up, but low impact means your feet are never leaving the ground at the same time. So you can forget about burpees, squat jumps, or star jumps.

Exercises such as mountain climbers, modified jumping jacks, inch worms, upper body exercises, games, mobility exercises and repetitive dance moves are what we use in Booty Fitness. Our program is designed for women of all shapes and sizes and all ability levels because we use HILIT in almost every session.

This is one of the best workouts you can use to start your wellness journey because it eliminates the fear factor for most people. Fear of getting injured, fear of not being able to get off the ground, fear of falling, fear of not being able to “keep up.”

Don’t be fooled! This is still an amazing workout. My Booty Babes (the ladies in Booty Fitness) clock 350-550 calories in the 45 minutes exercise portion of the class.

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